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Welcome to the Southern Illinois family support web site. Our purpose in building this site was to give family's in Southern Illinois a place to communicate with other family's in the area dealing with problems and concerns of every day life of children with Autism. To be able to remain anonymous, or not. Or maybe somewhere to just vent when that IEP goes south.

I had a special little child not so very long ago. 
Since then my life's been different in ways I could not know.
He isn't always like other kids, who happily run to school. 
He doesn't always play the games they play or understand the rules.
But when my child is sleeping he's just like you and I
I sit beside his bed at night and sing a lullaby.
When others stare at my little boy it wounds me deep inside.
They cannot know how much it hurts or see the pain I hide.
And when the other children simply turn and walk away.
I watch him sitting all alone while they run around and play.
But when my child is sleeping he's just like you and me.
I hold his hand and tell him all the things that he can be.
I never thought that I would bear a special child like this.
It broke my heart to think about all the things that we would miss.
I used to feel so sad inside and I cried a million tears
I wanted so much more for him than the pity of his peers.
You see......when my child is sleeping he's just like you and I.
I say a prayer each evening "God bless my little guy."
It's hard to see your little one as he tries to understand.
And it hurts inside when other kids wont lend a helping hand.
But we've grown together in such a way that other mother's can never know.
And I wouldn't trade him for the world because I love him so.
Because, when my child is sleeping he's just like me and you.
I'm blessed to have this little child and I know he loves me too. 

Autism is not the end of the world. . . . just the beginning of a new one



Registration for the 2009 Southern Illinois Autism Conference is closed.

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