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Illinois Autism/PDD Training and Technical Assistance Project
The Illinois Autism/PDD Training and Technical Assistance Project is an Illinois State Board 
of Education initiative which provides training and technical assistance focused on educating students with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders (PDD). The Project is operated under a grant to the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education and its major goals are to: Build local capacity to establish and implement effective educational supports and services in the least restrictive environment for children and youth with autism/PDD.Promote a proactive approach to working with individuals with autism/PDD and their families.Help children and youth with autism/PDD remain with their families in their home communities and become productive community members

Illinois Family Assistance Program**: pays a monthly stipend to help with the costs of caring for a child (17 or under, there is a separate program for 18 and up called the Home Based Support Services Program) with a severe mental disability. Autism is a covered disability. It pays $446 per month or $5352 yearly. This money is awarded by lottery only. There is a family income requirement of less than $50,000 per year after deductions (I have heard this  amount may be raised). The number for more information on this program (request a sign-up card!!!!!!) is at the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities - 800/843-6154. 

**Illinois Early Childhood Intervention Clearinghouse** provides a similar program. The phone number for information on this program is 800/852-4302. The program provides up to $400 per individual (disabled, parent, guardian or immediate family member of a disabled person) to attend conferences on disability issues (does not have to be local conference) or $600 per family every 2 years. They also have a huge library of books to loan, and articles (copies are free). [Most of the articles listed in this packet are available via the Clearinghouse or StarNet.

Camp Little Giant
Camp Little Giant has many programs designed to meet the needs of anyone! Specialized programs have been designed for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, ADD/ADHD, burn survivors, and traumatic brain injuries.Camp Little Giant has served campers with disabilities since 1952. With a strong focus on creating awareness, we provide programs to friends and family of youth and adults with disabilities.Camp Little Giant was one of the pioneers in camping for individuals with disabilities. It has been providing continuous summer camping programming since 1952. Located on the shore of Little Grassy Lake, Camp Little Giant is surrounded by the Shawnee National Forest and hilly woodlands with access to caves, cliffs, meadows, coves, and adventure. Constant activity takes place at the camp's boat dock, beach, arts and craft area, dining hall, and lodges.

 CAN - Cure Autism Now, and NAAR - National Alliance for Autism Research, are two parent-formed organizations that endeavor to raise both public awareness and support for increased funding into the causes and treatments for autism and related disorders. They also have parent volunteers working to raise money to fund pilot studies, write newsletters, put on conferences, etc. Both organizations have or will soon publish national newsletters, and free copies may be acquired by contacting them at: CAN also has an active Illinois chapter! To learn more about local CAN meetings, activities, conferences write: 
P.O. Box 4294 
Wheaton, Il 60189-4294

**Different Roads to Learning** 
Has a great catalog chock full of stuff useful to the parent of a special needs kiddo. Toys, photo cards, books, computer games - and most everything particularly geared towards the needs of the child with autism. Small wonder - it is another mom of a kid like ours who has formed this company and sends out this catalog! I highly recommend you call 1-800-853-1057 and request a free catalog today! 

Family Resource Center on Disabilities
20 E. Jackson Blvd, #900 
Chicago, IL 60604 
Publishes a newsletter on disability rights and benefits. Provides up-to-date information on SSI (Social Security Income - some of you may find your children qualify as autism is a covered disability.), Medicaid, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), etc. Lots of information on your child's education rights, how to deal with your local school and write an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP) and more ( they keep their eye on the antics in Springfield!). A great resource. They will also train you to participate in an IEP meeting.


A letter from a doctor to his colleagues
An interesting letter from an anesthesiologist with two Autistic sons.

A descriptive Letter for Family's
When you just don't know how to explain it to them, this letter just may be the ticket you need. Also you can download a editable Microsoft Word version.

ABA Therapy
A Brief overview of ABA ( Applied Behavioral Analysis). What it is and how it can be implemented.

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